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Integrating a new leader to a management team

June 18th, 2015   |   Posted in Business   |   By: Hubert Saint-Onge   |   0 comments

Highly functioning leadership teams are essential to the optimization of organizational performance. Yet the state of constant flux in the membership of these teams can often detract from their momentum and lead to chronic underperformance. The appointment of a new …

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Balancing “fast” and “slow” thinking for a more effective use of time

January 4th, 2013   |   Posted in Business, Uncategorized   |   By: Hubert Saint-Onge   |   0 comments

When I was recently reading “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, it occurred to me that the principles he was presenting has significant implications for how senior leader spend their time. Your own management practice to optimize your use …

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