About Hubert Saint-Onge
Hubert Saint-Onge

Specializing in:

  • organizational performance
  • formulation and implementation of knowledge and learning strategies
  • development of communities of practice
  • strategic development of organizational capabilities
  • values alignment
  • development of leadership teams
  • leadership assessment and succession planning
  • leadership development
  • assessment of customer-perceived value
  • development and implementation of branding strategy.

Hubert Saint-Onge is the founder and Principal of SaintOnge Alliance. In addition to holding key senior management positions in leading companies over the past 25 years, he has developed and refined a model called the Knowledge Assets Framework. This model strategically integrates business plans with branding, leadership and people management in order to optimize the performance of an organization.

International Recognition

Hubert’s client work showcases the extensive experience he accumulated as a senior executive in the oil industry as well as in financial services. Based on his work as Senior Vice President of Strategic Capabilities at Clarica, Hubert was recently featured as one of five practitioners around the world who have had the most impact on organizations according to authors Larry Prusak and Tom Davenport in "What’s the Big Idea? Creating and Capitalizing on the Best New Management Thinking. "The literature in this field identifies Hubert as one of the most respected thoughtleaders and practitioners in transforming organizations into 21st century knowledge-based enterprises.

Optimizing Performance

As Vice-President, Learning Organization and Leadership Development for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Hubert's role was to support the accelerated development of the leadership and organizational capabilities required to achieve CIBC's business strategies. He developed the CIBC Leadership Centre from concept to completion and ran it for five years.

This work was featured in a Fortune article as a prime example of how to accelerate organizational learning. Hubert's work for the last twenty five years has focused on developing the full potential of organizations and their human assets to optimize performance.

Experience Around the Globe

Hubert holds an Honors BA in Political Science from York University and an MA in Political Science from Carleton University. He was appointed by the Prime Minister to the Board of The Canadian Centre for Management Development between 1995 and 1999. He has given presentations across North America, Europe and Asia on organizational learning, leadership development, and knowledge value creation. In addition to publishing a number of articles on these subjects, Hubert has also co-authored two leading-edge books in the field since 2002. His most recent book The Conductive Organization provides a blueprint for creating knowledge-based cultures in organizations to achieve breakthrough performance. Hubert recently delivered a keynote address to the World Congress of Accountants in Hong Kong, entitled "Knowledge and Leadership in the 21st Century". This presentation addressed knowledge as the key theme of the conference in the context of the leadership attendees needed to exercise to ensure the integrity of accounting firms. Hubert is a passionate and compelling presenter in English, French and Spanish, and able to easily synthesize disparate perspectives into themes that will support dialogue and build commitment.

Partnering to Build Sustainable Performance

Building on his experience as an in-company practitioner, Hubert Saint-Onge has delivered proven results implementing what he recommends. His current focus is on serving a growing list of clients in North America, Europe and around the world. His clients see him as a pragmatic practitioner who readily understands their business and that can help them shape interventions that will significantly enhance their performance on a sustainable basis.

Recognized by Harvard University for his thought leadership in the field, Hubert has been appointed a Visiting Scholar to Harvard for the 2005/2006 year. His main areas of study will be organizational learning, knowledge management and leadership development. He will also continue with his consulting work throughout this time.

Contact Hubert

To speak directly with Hubert, please contact him at:

519.656.2320 or 416.268.8879, or by email at hubert@saintongealliance.com