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Beyond the Deal by Hubert Saint-Onge

Beyond the Deal 

Hubert Saint-Onge and Jay Chatzkel

Beyond the Deal provides a revolutionary, strategic approach for leveraging mergers and acquisitions to achieve extraordinary performance and create unprecedented value by offering a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to the entire acquisitions process: before, during and after the deal.

The Conductive Organization by Hubert Saint-Onge

The Conductive Organization

Hubert Saint-Onge and Charles Armstrong

An organization’s culture lies at the heart of its ability to perform. In The Conductive Organization, Charles Armstrong and Hubert Saint-Onge focus on self-initiated learning cultures, knowledge-based customer relationships and innovative internal structures in order to explain the building blocks that must be in place to create and sustain a knowledge-based culture within organizations--a culture that they argue is integral to a high-performance organization.

Leveraging Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage by Hubert Saint-Onge

Leveraging Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage

Hubert Saint-Onge and Debra Wallace

With knowledge management and educational design as guiding principles, the authors "tell the story" of how, as part of a knowledge strategy, an organization can approach the creation and support of communities of practice. A practitioner's guide that outlines the theory (why are we doing this?) but focuses on the practice (how can we do it?), this book provides a conceptual framework, a process model, a narrative of the approach, illustrations and examples of support activities, and a discussion of lessons learned.


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