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Case Study: Professional Services Firm

SaintOnge Alliance implemented a five-step process to research, synthesize and formulate tangible recommendations for action.


Rapid industry changes in regulation led to internal responses that were counter-productive

The client’s industry experienced a rapid change in regulation that dramatically affected their business. The client responded by implementing internal controls and oversight that adversely affected the internal climate of the firm. This in turn had a negative effect on client relationships and overall performance.


SaintOnge Alliance was tasked with researching and synthesizing the underlying issues and set forth tangible recommendations for action by the leadership team that would place the firm in a position to enhance client relationships and attain a new level of performance.

Our Approach

SaintOnge Alliance implemented a five-step process to research, synthesize and formulate tangible recommendations for action.


In order to effectively move forward with the proposed approach, SaintOnge Alliance worked hand-in-hand with an internal task force of key stakeholders within the client
company that together executed all aspects of the project plan from data collection and analysis to proposing action steps.

Business Consultation

In collaboration with the internal task force, SaintOnge Alliance interviewed business leaders, developed a set of hypotheses and then carried out a custom-built survey across the firm. The analysis of the survey results served as the basis for a ‘deep dive’ with internal focus groups to validate the identification of the most significant underlying issues.


This stage consisted of synthesizing and interpreting the data and identifying the main issues and their implications. As well, a diagnosis of the leadership and cultural aspects of the challenges was carried out. An analysis of the success factors for change helped delineate a course of action that would ensure sustainable results.


Through extensive consultation, a consensus was created regarding the “desired future state” of the firm. This “vision” of what was to be achieved served as the foundation for the formulation of action steps bridging the gap between the current reality and the desired future state.


A comprehensive set of recommendations covered three main areas: the articulation and
communication of the leadership commitment to make the changes required, immediate action steps to address urgent issues and longer-term initiatives focused on changing business processes and leadership approaches to renew and reinvigorate the culture of the firm.

  • Need to shift from compliance-driven behavior to foster the exercise of judgment.

  • Need to build the level of trust for more effective collaboration.

  • Need to ensure business processes are aligned to strategic focus.

  • The application of professional judgment was being subjugated to compliance-based

  • The emergence of a more imposing leadership approach eroded the trust level in the firm.

  • Key business processes were not aligned to the strategic intent and did not have broad staff support.

  • Team members didn’t feel empowered to exercise judgment and adopted a compliance-driven, “play-it-safe” attitude.

  • A reduction in the level of engagement and initiative had a negative impact on productivity.

  • Preoccupation with inadequate internal processes took the focus away from client relationships.


The path to effective change required the firm to first show its commitment to change (symbolic changes) and then implement immediate and long-term changes.

Affirmation of leadership commitment

The SaintOnge Alliance recommended that the senior leadership clearly state its strategic intent and support this commitment with a set of concrete action steps to affirm its resolve to drive forward with immediate or long-term changes.


Immediate changes

SaintOnge Alliance recommended immediate actions to address urgent issues. This was designed to bring visible changes that would confirm the commitment of the leadership. It was also geared to create the credibility and momentum required for deeper leadership and culture change.


Long-term changes

Long-term recommendations were focused on changing business processes and developing well-defined leadership principles. For instance, it was recommended that the client implement a 360-degree feedback process to measure the progress being made.

Business Meeting
Chart analysis


Incremental changes led to positive responses

The consultative approach adopted throughout the project resulted in the introduction of incremental changes as the study unfolded.


These changes gave the work credibility and confirmed that the firm was serious in responding to the issues that were identified.

"Hubert is a remarkable professional and a wonderful person to work with. His thought leadership is world-class and I always walk away with greater knowledge every time I meet with Hubert. Hubert has a tremendous ability to collaborate with others at all levels, and he quickly establishes strong trust based relationships."

Scott Shaffar, Northrop Gruman


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