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Business Consulting


Consulting & Advisory

Well-defined strategy implemented at each level will enhance your organization’s agility and cohesiveness. 


Working together to achieve performance improvements

We work directly with leaders to enhance their understanding of their situation by using probing question techniques to get to the core of the problem they are trying to solve. We identify assumptions and provide alternative interpretations of the specific scenario at play. This will allow us to identify the critical questions that need to be answered and offer a longer-term perspective to reconcile goals.


Often there are different interests involved and we will help you identify the common ground to enable you to move forward while managing potential conflict. We will develop your leadership capabilities by looking at patterns of interactions and highlighting where they can be improved. We can then build a plan together to approach future challenging situations. This practice will help us identify new skills and habits that you can implement into your existing leadership role.

Business advisory services with consultant

Our Advisory Services

Strategic Planning
  • Strategy formulation and execution

  • Scoping/identification of key questions 

  • Adoption of framework for planning and execution

  • Working through ambiguity/uncertainty

  • Insertion of scenario planning if required 

  • Assessment of organizational capabilities 

  • Execution plan with defined accountabilities 

Team Building
  • Review of strengths and challenges

  • Structuring of discussions to uplift team performance

  • Agreement on team functioning

  • Follow-through with coaching

  • Clarification of alignment and renewal objectives

  • Leadership approach to bring the change

  • Commitment to model and embed the change

Business Consultation
Change Management
  • Assessment of the change involved

  • Identification of hindrances and supports

  • Definition of change and communication plans

  • Involvement and support of those impacted

Talent Management
  • Recruitment,  onboarding and retention

  • Performance and development coaching

  • Learning and mentoring

  • Leadership resource planning

Organizational Performance
  • Designing dynamic organizational structures

  • Infusing a strong of sense accountability 

  • Designing the work environment

  • Defining clear roles in a matrixed organization

  • Building strategic capability

  • Leading through ambiguity

  • Sensemaking in leadership teams

  • Highly performing teams and psychological safety

  • Rekindling the sense of community in organizations

Areas Covered:
  • Talent management

  • Rapid realignment

  • Leadership

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Change management

  • Branding

  • Knowledge and learning

  • Teaming

  • Strategy development

  • Collaboration and partnering

  • Customer relationships

  • Business development

  • Values alignment


When the flow of knowledge is unimpeded, you can harness your organization’s capability effectively.

We provide a wide range of consultancy services, including but not limited to:

  • rapid realignment to changing external conditions and strategies

  • renewal of cultures-based strategic orientation through values identification and alignment

  • defining business plans and strategies with the business team

  • assessing and building leadership strength

  • aligning the organizational culture with business strategies

  • defining a process to engender commitment to a new strategic direction

  • supporting the shift to a customer-centric organization

  • delivering customer feedback on the perceived value of solutions and services provided

  • branding the experience of both employees and customers

  • supporting the formulation and effective implementation of a knowledge/learning strategy

Casual Business Meeting


Helping you lead effective and sustainable change

To allow you to move forward, we will help you design substantive ideas, address strategy development and execution and resolve organizational staffing issues which will ultimately allow you to lead effective and sustainable change. 


Together we can work on:

  • Strategy building – managing uncertainty and scenario planning.

  • Culture – creating a psychologically safe space for your team and encouraging accountability.

  • Your team – conflict management, empowering your people to take ownership and reach their individual and collective peak performance.

  • Organization – looking at the structure as a whole and designing a clear picture of the organization holistically.

  • Talent management – talent retention, learning and development, equal opportunity and succession planning.

"Hubert is a remarkable professional and a wonderful person to work with. His thought leadership is world-class and I always walk away with greater knowledge every time I meet with Hubert. Hubert has a tremendous ability to collaborate with others at all levels, and he quickly establishes strong trust based relationships."

Scott Shaffar, Northrop Gruman


Other ways we can help

Executive Coaching

Acting as an advisor and thought partner, we will help you develop your skills and succeed as a leader.

Speaking Engagements

Hubert is a passionate and compelling presenter in English, French and Spanish.

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